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»Corporate Ethical Culture« | LOG#9 | LEIZ – Leadership Excellence Institute | Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen

In the Centres of the Peripheries


Dialogue on the visual art in Leadership Log #9 between Christof Salzmann and Philipp N. Hertel.


Salzmann: […] human attitudes and behaviour, but without demonstrating this in an exemplary way using people. I concentrate on the documentation of general social conditions – this includes a commentary of social, (inter-)cultural, historical, economic conditions through the picture.


Hertel: We could speak here of an action maxim that recognises and even promotes the cultural diversity and complex personality structure of an individual – also in the work context and the associated value-added chains. You have already dealt with a work ethic in your work on several occasions.
Having grasped the thematic core of this issue (see p.30) and thus laid the foundation for visual expression, we have often sketched large and small gestures independently of the actual medium. What does the medium and the periphery here actually mean to you?


Salzmann: I understand the edition as a classic format that is comparable to an exhibition. The photographs are integrated into the issue as an independent contribution in a clearly outlined thematic field. This becomes especially clear in your design of the issue. The different framing lines give the individual photographs a classic and autonomous expressiveness – it becomes absolutely clear that this is neither an illustrative article nor travel or reportage photography. The arrangement of the individual photographs on each […]



»Corporate Ethical Culture«
LOG#9 | LEIZ – Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | Zeppelin University | Friedrichshafen | 09.04.2021 (Digital publication) | English / Deutsch



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